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I Prayed About Tithing and Then This Happened…

I was literally just going through my monthly expenses. I have a monthly line item, “tithes.”

In full disclosure, my finances are not the best right now. So I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn’t tithe this month. But because I am a true church kid and as churched as they come, I felt guilty for even thinking that and in my head, I could hear Malachi 3:8-12 (“Will a man rob God?…”) being read from the pulpit. So, I was like, let me pray on that.

FullSizeRender (1)I went back to laying in the bed (cause for the first time in the longest I don’t have anything to do on a Saturday). A little while ago, I picked up my iPhone and used my fingerprint to unlock it. I kid you not that this video¬†was open on my phone, in landscape view. I was like, what is this and how did it get opened? Then I read the caption, “Should Christians Give Tithes?,” and was like, wow. So I hit play.

I believe I just got my answer about tithing this month, and a new perspective on tithing in general.

There are so many scriptures that we have taken and used to establish church/Christian “norms” that are to our liking/advantage. We then repeat them over and over and make people feel that if they don’t do whatever is being stated, they aren’t a “good Christian” and God isn’t pleased, when the fact of the matter is: this was never God’s requirement– this is just us, at best, misinterpreting scripture and, at worst, using scripture to get people to do what we want.

We do this with so many other aspects in society and all it does it cause Christians to be/come off as super judgmental and push people away for the church and Christ.

So I say all that to say, let’s be more careful with our interpretations of scripture and stop passing down these rules and regulations of Christianity that really are not required by God.

Christ set us free.