Aleidra R. Allen, M.A. is the program coordinator for multicultural education at Saint Louis University (SLU). At SLU, she coordinators multicultural education trainings and workshops, advises multicultural student/Greek organizations, and gives presentations on topics like multicultural competence, microaggressions, race, Ferguson, and Black Lives Matter.

Aleidra is passionate about social justice and activism and strives to bring awareness and understanding to societal issues and injustices through social media and blogging, with the hope of stimulating critical thought and dialogue.

Aleidra is also a co-author of 20 Beautiful Women Volume 3, a collection of motivational and inspirational stories. Aleidra wrote chapter 17, Birthing Freedom.

Aleidra received her Bachelor of Science in Community Communications and Leadership Development from the University of Kentucky (UK) and her Master of Arts in Education (specialization in Higher Education Administration) from Louisiana State University (LSU).